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Module 6

Writing Your Abstract

Welcome to the sixth mentorship module! During this module, you will be working on pages 15 and 16 in your workbook.

In this part of the mentorship program, students will review videos to learn how to write their abstract. Students must submit an abstract in order to register for the FER. They can submit their abstract drafts to receive comment using the link at the bottom of this module by Wednesday, February 21st, at 5 pm. Their final abstract and registration for the FER are due Monday, March 4th, at 5 pm.

Students who successfully complete this module, which includes 3 videos, the two workbook pages, and the associated mentorship session, will be able to: 

  1. Explain what key information is presented in an abstract and the purpose of writing abstracts
  2. Identify the questions one must answer in an effective abstract
  3. Create an abstract based on their own experimental results

— Part 1 

Gemma's Abstract

An important part of conducting experiments is communicating our findings with others!  One way to do this is by using an abstract, or scientific summary, of our experiment.  Let’s hear from Gemma about the experiment she chose to present at the fair!

Now that we know more about Gemma’s experiment, let’s learn more about writing an abstract using her experiment as a guide.  Watch this video to learn about the parts of an abstract and why they are important.

Now, let’s review.  Use your knowledge from the video to put the pieces of an abstract in order on your worksheet on page 1.

— Part 2

Your Own Abstract

It’s important to know how to fit your own experiment into the format of a good abstract, so let’s learn how to write each part of an abstract by looking at the one Gemma submitted for her experiment. We will also review page 15 of your workbook! During the video, you will write each part of your abstract. When told, please make sure to pause the video and fill out page 16 of your workbook.

Awesome! Now you can go back and edit your abstract. When you’re happy with your abstract, you can submit it for review before February 21st at 5 pm to get comments from our mentors. Click here to submit a draft.

Remember you will need your abstract to register for the FER. Registration is due by March 4th at 5 pm

Register Here!

See you soon!