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Mentorship Program & Science Fair

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up to participate in the mentorship program?

Contact Us!

Send us an email with your school details and the contact information for your teacher/parent and we can get started!


What is the structure of the mentorship program?

Virtual Meetings

You will participate in a 15 week mentorship program where you will meet with us virtually 6 times.


What kind of projects can I do?

Explore your interests!

Look for things that you're curious about and start thinking of experiments!


How will I present my work?

Power Point

Your mentors will help you put together a 5 minute powerpoint presentation to present to student and industry judges

Science Fair

How does a remote science fair work?

Digital Magic

Participating students will submit their abstract and Google Slides link to register. The science fair will be hosted on WorkAdventure on March 16th, 2023.