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Module 7

Making Your FER Presentation

Welcome to the seventh and final mentorship module for this year’s FER! Congratulations on completing this year’s curriculum. We are extremely excited to see what you did for your project at the FER on Saturday, March 16th! At the FER, you will have 5 minutes to present, followed by 3 minutes of questions from guests and judges. In this module, we will go over how to make your PowerPoint.

Students who successfully complete this module, which includes 2 videos and a PowerPoint template, will be able to: 

  1. Identify what key information is presented in a FER presentation
  2. Understand the purpose of communicating experimental findings to others
  3. Create a PowerPoint/google slides presentation based on their own experiment, including their background research, experimental design, and results.

— Part 1 

What Makes a Good Presentation?

You did it! You finished your experiment, analyzed your data, and wrote your abstract. The last thing you need to do is present your experiment and results at the FER!  Before you can do that, you should know a bit more about what makes an effective presentation.  Let’s learn a bit more about presenting at the FER from Gemma.

Now that you know some of the important reasons that we share our findings and ways to be an effective communicator, let’s work together to create your own PowerPoint presentation!

— Part 2

Creating Your FER Presentation

It’s your turn! Click on this link to see our PowerPoint template. Make a copy of this Google Slides presentation by clicking “File” and then “Make a Copy” and then “Entire Presentation” to get your own version of the template for you to edit.

The following video is a tutorial, so make sure you watch it while you are making your own presentation so you can pause and follow the instructions.

Make sure that you practice giving your presentation at least twice before the next mentorship session, where you will be given the chance to practice your presentation as though you are being judged at the FER in front of your mentors! We recommend that you time yourself, present your presentation to a friend, teacher, or someone at home, and ask for feedback.  This is the best way to learn how to communicate your results with others.

See you soon!