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Module 5

Analyzing Your Data and Results

Welcome to the fifth mentorship module! In this module we will work through pages 13 and 14 of our workbooks.

In Weeks 9 and 10, students performed their experiments, following the safety videos we provided. This week (Week 11) they will review how to analyze and visualize their data to present their results. 

Students who successfully complete this module, which includes 6 videos and a two page worksheet, and the associated mentorship session, will be able to: 

  1. Explain what key information is drawn from their data
  2. Define key visualization tools and how they differ in the purpose and use
  3. Provide graphs and visuals to display their data to a general audience

— Part 1 

Analyzing Data

Using Neville’s experimental data, let’s learn how to analyze data!  We will also learn what specific concepts to consider as we think about what our results actually tell us.

Before moving on to the next video, take out your worksheet. Answer question 1 in the table under part 1 before moving on!

Take another quick break and answer question 2 in the table under part 1 before watching the next video.

Let’s finish our review of how to analyze data by completing the rest of part 1 (page 1) of the worksheet!  Make sure to use full sentences!

— Part 2

Visualizing Data

Now that we have analyzed Neville’s data and started analyzing our own, let’s try creating different visuals to help us communicate the results of the experiment!

Pause for a moment and match the Data Table with its correct purpose on your worksheet before moving on to the next video!

For this break, match Pie Chart and Line Graph with their correct purposes on your worksheet, then watch the last video!

Once you watch all the videos, go ahead and complete part 2 (page 2) of the worksheet.  You will review the different types of visuals and begin creating your own!  Please answer all questions in complete sentences.

Remember to bring your worksheet, your data, and your analysis to the next mentorship session! 

Here are some extra videos on how to create the different types of graphs in google sheets. You don’t have to watch all of these videos, but they will be helpful if you are making graphs for your presentation!

See you soon!