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Module 4

Your Project Proposal

Welcome to the fourth mentorship module! In this module we will work through page 11 and 12 of our workbooks.

In Week 6, students learned the main concepts important to experimental design. This week (Week 7) they will review this information in another online module, as well as work on their own project proposal that they will discuss in a mentorship session (Week 8).

Students who successfully complete this module, which includes 2 videos and a two page worksheet, and the associated mentorship session will be able to: 

  1. Define and develop a model system for their experiment 
  2. Describe the differences between qualitative and quantitative data 
  3. Define and identify independent, dependent, and confounding variables within an experiment 
  4. Describe a clear plan to conduct experiments for their specific FER project

— Part 1 

Experimental Design

Gemma’s classmate Neville wanted to tell us about his experiment. Let review how he designed his experiment.

Before filling out your worksheet let’s see how Neville conducts his experiment.

— Part 2

Conducting an Experiment

Neville now wants to show us how he actually did his experimental to help us do our own FER projects. Let’s watch.

Let’s review Neville’s experimental set up by filling out page 11 in our workbook.

Now we want to answer some questions about our own FER projects. You will want to propose your project to your mentors. Please fill out page 12 of your worksheet. Please answer all questions with full sentences. We are excited to hear about what you are thinking. You can submit your project proposal here by 12/23/23 to get feedback from your mentors.

See you soon!