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Module 3

Designing Your Experiment

Welcome to the third mentorship module! In this module we will be working through page 9 and 10. Have fun working with Gemma!

In this part of the mentorship program, students will begin with an online module teaching them major concepts in experimental design with an associate worksheet (Week 6). They will review this information in another online module after the winter break and be guided in writing a project proposal (Week 7) that they will receive comments on in a mentorship session (Week 8) after the holidays. At the conclusion of this module, students will be able to:  

  1. Define and develop a model system for their experiment
  2. Describe the differences between qualitative and quantitative data 
  3. Define and identify independent, dependent, and confounding variables within an experiment
  4. Outline a clear plan to conduct experiments for their specific FER project

— Part 1 

What is a model system?

Gemma has a cool new experiment for us to go through about dinosaurs. Let’s see what she is working on.

Let’s review Gemma’s experimental design and model system.

Fill out page 9 in your workbook.

— Part 2

What are experimental variables?

In order to conduct our own controlled experiment, we need to learn about variables. Let’s learn about the three variables that are important for our projects: independent, dependent, and confounding variables.

Let’s review the variables Gemma uses and think about the variables we will use in our experiment. 

Fill out page 10 in your workbook.

Now you want to start thinking about your own experiment. Next week we will begin working on our project proposals.

See you soon!