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Module 3

Presenting Your Research

Welcome to the third mentorship module! In this module you will begin to learn how to best present your research for the FER. If you are still working on your experiment, don’t worry! Go through the module and make guesses as to what you think your results will be. You can make corrections later. 

First, please print out this one page worksheet that you should fill out as you watch each video. Click here for the worksheet. 

Students who successfully complete this module, which includes three videos and a one page worksheet (associated with video 2), and the associated mentorship session will be able to: 

  1. Write an abstract for FER
  2. Make an effective and organized slide presentation (Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote, etc.)
  3. Present their slides clearly at the FER using our presentation tips

— Part 1 

Scientific communication

Communication in science is important to how the world functions. Gemma will teach us a little bit about this and tell us about her presentation for the FER.

No worksheet to fill out now. Let’s move to Part 2 and discuss how you will write your abstract.

— Part 2

How to write an abstract

An abstract is a 6-8 sentence summary of your work. You want to make it engaging and clear so people will read it and get excited about your work. Gemma will teach us some rules to follow in the video below.

Let’s try to outline our abstract with this new knowledge. In your worksheet you have the general outline for an abstract. Fill out the worksheet before the mentorship session so your mentors can help you take your ideas and turn them into a full paragraph. If you want to see Gemma’s abstract, you can find that here.

Remember to submit your abstract by April 20th! Your teachers will have more details about that soon.

— Part 3

How to design and present a slide presentation

After writing your abstract you are ready to start working on your powerpoint for the FER on April 30th. Gemma will first give us some tips on designing and presenting our powerpoint.

Now that you know the rules, you can look at our slide template, which will show you how to organize your slides:

Click here for PowerPoint and here for Google Slides

This is how you should organize your presentation, but you should add your own pictures, fonts, and designs to make the powerpoint more personal and fun.

See you soon!