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Module 2

Designing Your Experiment

Welcome to the second mentorship module! First, please print out this three page worksheet that you should fill out as you watch each video. Click here for the worksheet. 

Students who successfully complete this module, which includes three videos and a three page worksheet, and the associated mentorship session will be able to: 

  1. Define a model system and develop one for their experiment
  2. Define and identify independent, dependent, and confounding variables within an experiment
  3. Conduct an experiment safely

— Part 1 

What is a model system?

Gemma has a cool new experiment for us to go through about dinosaurs. Let’s see what she is working on.

Let’s review Gemma’s experimental design and model system.

Fill out page 1 in your worksheet.

— Part 2

What are experimental variables?

In order to conduct our own controlled experiment, we need to learn about variables. Let’s learn about the three variables that are important for our projects: independent, dependent, and confounding variables.

Let’s review the variables Gemma uses and think about the variables we will use in our experiment. 

Fill out page 2 in your worksheet.

— Part 3

How do we conduct an experiment safely?

We now know how to design an experiment well. How should we do it? First we must review some safety protocols.

Let’s apply these rules to your project. Fill out page 3 in your worksheet. Make sure to ask your teachers and mentors about what specific safety procedures you need to apply to your own experiments. You can also check out other safety resources on our website.

See you soon!