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Module 1

Asking Good Questions

Welcome to the first mentorship module! First, make sure you have the workbook printed or or downloaded. During this module we will be completing page 6 and 7!!!

In this part of the mentorship program, students will go through a worksheet (week 2) that will teach basic concepts in developing a research question. Upon completion of this worksheet students will be prepared for a virtual mentorship session (week 3) where they will conduct activities with mentors and review their worksheet answers. Students will be able to:

  1. Understand the differences between questions that can and cannot be analyzed through the scientific method
  2. Make their own questions substantive, innovative and insightful to direct their further research 
  3. Determine the proper resources to utilize to establish one’s research topic and specific question

— Part 1 

Review of the Scientific Method

First let’s conduct a review of the scientific method! Meet our fellow researcher Gemma, who will help us through these modules.

Let’s review how Gemma actually implemented the scientific method. Fill out the table in your worksheet on Page 6 within Part 1.

Part 2

Observation and Background Research

Now that we have reviewed the scientific method, we can think about how we will actually generate the question we want to research. Let’s conduct some research on Gemma’s question.

Do a bit of research on sand and fill out Part 2 of your worksheet. Be sure to go to page 7 as well. This is the same approach you will want to use on your project to make your hypothesis stronger.

Here is the link to the sand resource we want you to look at if you don’t see it in your top hits on google.

Read the first paragraph to answer the question in the worksheet.

— Part 3

What should my topic be?

Now that we know how to do basic forms of research, we have to start thinking about the topic for our own project. In part 3 of the worksheet, circle 5 areas you might be interested in. Then, you are ready for your next mentorship session. Remember to bring your workbook to the mentorship session.

Also, if you want to review your answers from last week, here is an answer key.

See you soon!